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Distribution Options

(APFD) Australian Printing & Flyer Distribution provides cutting edge advertising material and flyer distribution Gold Coast services to local and regional advertisers. APFD has a strong management team of experienced staff with an in-depth knowledge of, not only the areas of the whole Gold Coast, but also the demographics for each area to assist you target households and Reach Your Target Audience.

Our Mission is to support our customer’s growth by providing the best value in print and letterbox distribution and ensuring that each targeted household receives their promotional material without fail, each and every time. Our professional walkers are managed and monitored to make sure that your promotional materials are being distributed in a timely, professional and accurate manner.

Our services include

  • Letterbox distribution Gold Coast
  • Leaflet distribution Gold Coast
  • Flyer distribution Gold Coast
  • Pamphlet distribution sydey
  • Brochure distribution Gold Coast
  • Catalogue distribution Gold Coast
  • Letterbox drops Gold Coast
  • Flyer delivery Gold Coast
  • Letterbox delivery Gold Coast
  • Pamphlet delivery Gold Coast
  • Brochure delivery Gold Coast
  • Catalogue delivery Gold Coast


Direct Letterbox Distribution

Direct Letterbox Distribution Gold Coast Whether you have a product sample, sales offer, opening a new store or any service offer, APFD’s door to door letterbox distribution services will deliver direct to residential and business letterboxes.

We deliver to all residential and commercial letterboxes of Gold Coast. We always provide a monitored delivery and can provide our own maps or walk on the maps provided by the client. With an excellent knowledge of all areas of Gold Coast above we’re able to offer advice on the best locations to pinpoint your target market.

You can choose an option of delivery to:

  • All residential (houses & apartments)
  • Houses only (no apartments & flats)
  • Businesses only (all commercial)
  • Industrial only
  • And any other customized deliveries like cafes only, retail shops only etc.

Door to Door (Door hangers)

Door to Door - Door Hangers Gold Coast There are many TV channels, magazines, newspapers, websites but only ONE FRONT DOOR to enter in the house. Our Door hanger distribution Gold Coast works and has proved very effective and low cost advertisement. It’s a unique idea to spread out word and your promotional message.

Hand to Hand Distribution

Hand to Hand Distribution Gold Coast

Hand to hand leaflet distribution (or flyer distribution) uses our face to face field marketing and promotion staff to distribute leaflets directly into the hands of your target audience.

Hand to hand leaflet distribution allows the opportunity for interaction, effective demographic targeting and a verbal explanation of the promotion. The exact locations of the promotion staff, their shift times, and the number of field staff are all up to you, allowing you to create a high-impact campaign that's exactly suited to your requirements.

The teams can be kitted out in branded uniforms, and fully briefed so they know what to talk about - and who to aim your flyers at. This makes for really effective, highly targeted campaigns, providing you with great results at low cost.